Facilitation Skills lunch and learn in Sweden

Step into the realm of effective facilitation with our exclusive lunch and learn session set against the serene backdrop of Sweden. Our Facilitation Skills workshop isn’t just an opportunity to dine; it’s a transformative experience where participants delve into the art of guiding group discussions, fostering collaboration, and driving meaningful outcomes. Picture this: a tranquil Swedish afternoon, the scent of pine in the air, as we gather to explore the nuances of facilitation and unlock the potential to lead with confidence and finesse.

In the heart of Sweden, where innovation meets tradition, our Facilitation Skills lunch and learn beckons with promises of growth and empowerment. It’s a time to hone the skills necessary to navigate diverse perspectives, harness collective wisdom, and steer conversations towards actionable results. As we break bread and engage in stimulating discussions, let us embrace the opportunity to become catalysts for change, igniting sparks of inspiration that illuminate our professional journey.

Talk Objectives:

  1. Develop Active Listening Skills:
    We aim to enhance participants’ ability to actively listen to others, understand their perspectives, and respond thoughtfully during facilitation sessions.
  2. Master Group Dynamics:
    Our objective is to explore the intricacies of group dynamics, including roles, communication patterns, and power structures, to facilitate effective collaboration and decision-making.
  3. Learn Facilitation Techniques:
    We’ll introduce participants to a range of facilitation techniques, such as brainstorming, consensus building, and conflict resolution, to empower them to lead engaging and productive meetings.
  4. Understand Meeting Preparation:
    We’ll delve into the importance of meeting preparation, including setting objectives, designing agendas, and selecting appropriate facilitation tools, to ensure meetings are purposeful and well-organised.
  5. Encourage Participation and Engagement:
    Our aim is to equip participants with strategies for encouraging active participation and engagement from all members of the group, creating inclusive and dynamic meeting environments.
  6. Manage Challenging Situations:
    We’ll discuss how to effectively manage challenging situations during facilitation, including handling conflicts, managing disruptive behaviour, and navigating sensitive topics, to maintain a positive and productive atmosphere.
  7. Provide Constructive Feedback:
    Our objective is to foster a culture of continuous improvement by providing participants with tools and techniques for offering constructive feedback to group members and facilitating post-meeting reflections.
  8. Build Trust and Rapport:
    We’ll explore strategies for building trust and rapport with meeting participants, including active listening, empathy, and authenticity, to create a supportive and collaborative atmosphere.
  9. Facilitate Decision-Making Processes:
    We aim to equip participants with techniques for facilitating decision-making processes, such as consensus building, prioritisation, and evaluation of alternatives, to ensure effective and timely outcomes.
  10. Promote Continuous Learning:
    Our overarching goal is to inspire participants to embrace facilitation as a journey of continuous learning and growth, empowering them to refine their skills and adapt to evolving group dynamics and challenges.

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More Information:

Duration: 60 minutes

Fees: $1299.97  USD 679.97

For more information please contact us at: contact@knowlesti.se

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